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In Mother Of Sorrows, you will play Logan, a sailor who is locked in his cabin (treacherously), by order of his captain in the middle of a storm in the sea called "Celestial Prison" of the "Blind Side Island".

When it seemed that all was lost, you wake up in a lonely and battered inn.

Version 0.1 - DEMO
Mother Of Sorrows is a suspenseful Graphic Adventure with touches of cosmic and psychological horror.

It's made with RPGMaker (my first project in this engine), it has touches of Survival Horror; the 2d illustrations are made by AI (and then retouched by me), the graphic resources were bought from PV Games, the music is Royaltly Free from different creators.




English is not my mother tongue! But in this engine I had to choose a language; previously I tried to make a VN in Spanish which had very (but very) poor reception, which prompted me to try it in English, so I also use translators, I apologize in advance!

If you are not familiar with horror, maybe this game can be considered a horror game (in fact the label horror or terror in Itch is a bit ambiguous or very broad), it may be a "soft horror"; now if you are someone who appreciated the interesting proposal, but is used to horror, this game may fall into the suspense category.


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love the game it was so good keep up the good work

Thanks a lot!

I will be sharing the video on my networks!

Just in case, when you talk to Gary he asks you to have a piece of meat (it's on the bar table where you find the dagger and key).

If you have that and talked to Gary, you will have Piccon as a companion in the adventure.


when is the game coming out

As most of the Devs, the truth is that I have a job that consumes me many hours leaving me weekends (and some space during the week), the game will be open world (although maybe limited in areas at the beginning to not hinder the puzzles part).

If I manage to make something that can be compatible with the savegames, the idea is to update the game until it is complete.


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Hey thanks a lot!!!!


I can't see the gameplay, when I get home I'll see it better!

But as far as I can see, there is something that is stuck and I'm thinking of changing it maybe in a new version.

To advance in the hanging man's room, there is a card lying on the floor, you have passed several times, you must interact with it.

But seeing the gameplay, maybe I'll change it so that if you pass by it, it activates automatically.

Next (just in case), go to the courtyard, take the shovel (from the "chest") and go through Gary's office window and you will be able to get in!


The AI created some creepy stuff

The truth is yes!

It is difficult to follow a consistency and try to "understand well" what is asked for the scene, but once you get the result is good!